This EIP is led by the Univ. of Malaga (UMA) in Spain, and its aim is at gathering together a world consortium endowed of all the basic elements to do quick research, development and innovation in SCC. We have a focus on EU organizations, namely research centers, companies and cities, all of them highly interested in advancing in this topic in relation to EU and H2020. We have also added other non-EU partners to create a world task force on RiD in SCC. 

Our consortium is a specialized mix of:

  • Researchers on intelligent systems in ICT, with expertise in theory and practice in SCC.
  • Companies able of building final products.
  • Cities definitely committed to implement our prototypes. Ongoing contacts for involving additional cities.
  • Common goal: intelligence behind smart cities.
  • UMA (the leader) is a public research center having world class researchers able to push this EIP forward.

In this EIP a holistic approach on assessing and integrating the services and products of smart cities according to their “intelligence levels” will be discussed.